Friday, December 23, 2016

The Rest of the Arta-Xerxes Crew

Here are 3 more crew of the starship Arta-Xerxes.
So now I have a full six member Rogue Stars force.

 The Away Team is planetside on the mysterious crystalline planet of Calcifer.

 This is Dark Cloud.
He was once a monk from the holy city of Jedha.

 Here is Rom, Space Paladin.
The last of his Knightly Order, Rom hails from Galadoria.

 And finally we have...  Stumpy.
Space miner, rascal, and once a deputy on the backwater planet of Rio Bravo.

 With the scouting recon done, the rest of the Away Team beams down.

 Dark Cloud and Captain Lotan

 Fractura and Rom

Violentina and Stumpy